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The Walk


STREET DATE: November 4th, 2018


“The Walk” is the much anticipated 4 song debut recording from the PI Power Trio which features Pat Irwin on guitar, Sasha Dobson on drums and vocals, and Daria Grace on bass and vocals. Irwin was a founding member of the No Wave legends, the Raybeats, as well as 8 Eyed Spy, with Lydia Lunch. He was also a long time touring member of the B-52s and recorded and performed with the band for 18 years. Sasha Dobson has also released several recordings under her own name and is also a member of Puss and Boots, with Norah Jones. Daria Grace also has her own group, The Pre-War Ponies. Together, they make the PI Power Trio.

“The Walk” combines elements of classic instrumental rock and roll and film noir with abstract vocals from Dobson and Grace. You might hear equal parts B-52s and Raybeats, but you’ll also hear a little bit of the influence of The Black Keys and the White Stripes and the soundtracks of Nino Rota. The gorgeous voices of Dobson and Grace are featured in a reworking of the B-52s classic, 52 Girls as well as two originals by Irwin, “The Walk,” and “Dreamy Vocal.” The EP also features “pH Factor” written by Irwin’s long time friend, Peter Holsapple from the legendary dB’s. The resulting sound is utterly unique and is a completely new spin on the Power Trio.

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